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Buffy and Angel Recs

fanfiction and fanart appreciation

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This is a LiveJournal Community for the recommending and sharing and appreciation of Fanfiction, Websites, Fanart, and Vids about Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Angel: the series

This is a place where recs can be made free of Meta-ish discussion and such. This community is simply a place to come and share the fandom love.

You can rec: Fanfiction, fanart, websites that archive fic, websites that host art(icons, manips, wallpapers ect), personal archives of fic and art. Just please not your own stuff. You can pimp your own stuff on your own LJ.

Recs for art of all ratings are welcome. I do ask that you state these things in your rec

For Fanfiction:
Title/URL, Author, Rating, Pairing, Are there any Spoilers?
What you liked/Why you're recommending it

Artist, URL, Warning about graphic content. Why you are reccing it.

This is not a place to start debates over pairings, styles of writing, validity of characterization, or to debate the quality of a fic. This is a place for people to share fics, vids, and other art they are enjoying so that others can enjoy it too. If you enjoy someone's rec, please send the artist feedback and take a moment to thank the person who rec'd it.

No flames, ship or character bashing. NONE.